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We are the fastest growing recruitment and career advancement resource website in the security sector for employers, recruiters, and job seekers.

Launched by professionals, GotSecurityJobs.com provides its visitors with high quality job opportunities and career-related content, which is organized into vertical skill sets and by major locations nationally and in the world.

Employers are provided with access to thousands of pre-screened resumes from real people, including many of the best and brightest job talent in the security industry.

Our site aspires to cover security jobs across all job sectors, such as for loss prevention, security guards, police officers, safety managers, asset protection mangers, and analysts among other professionals.

Our industry focus enables us to provide our customers with access to experienced and qualified professionals.

Employers and recruiters in the security industry pay us for access to our online recruiting services and featured listing to help them find the right employee. 

Job seekers look to us to help them enhance their careers by posting their resumes, by searching our database of permanent job postings. They also extensively use our career resources, including certification test preparation products and our detailed rate and annual salary surveys. Through a variety of strategic tie-ups, our site gives its customers job posting exposure to the largest security audience on the internet.

Our mission is to help our customers source and hire qualified security industry professionals, and to provide them with the best job opportunities in their respective fields.